Take Action

Below are actions you can take now.

Actions you can take

Listed below are actions you can take. Click on a link to find out more about the action.
Clean Energy in the House

NOW -- July 2018 -- is the time to rally for Clean Energy legislation across Massachusetts. We have but a few days to pass three house bills after the senate UNANIMOUSLY passed S.2564

All western MA representatives in the state house have signed on to Rep. Smizik's Clean Energy Leadership Letter but we need many more of our 140 state representatives to sign on.

Who Do You Know in Eastern, Southern, Central MA?

Will you call them and invite them to call their legislators?

Here are a few talking points to help them express their desire to help strengthen the solar industry that has been harmed (including 3,000 jobs lost) by arbitrary policies and regulations.

Thank you for your leadership - and your LIGHT!

I Care Deeply About the Climate

This Action is Simple:

Call to tell them you care about climate health and ask what they are doing about it

Add your Light to the Map 

Do this action today. Leaving a VM is OK. Thanks. You Rock!


Want to do more?

Tell a friend, a family member, a neighbor, your colleagues, and complete strangers! Together we will shine so bright that we will keep our water drinkable, our air breathable, and our planet habitable. 

And if you'd like a sample script for emailing or speaking to your elected official, click this September 2016 Monday Action.

Thank you! 

I Want Carbon Pricing

Your Script is Simple:

"Hi, my name is ___ and I vote in (town). I would like Massachusetts to please put a price on carbon because such a policy is the most effective way to reduce greenhouse gases and catastrophic global warming.  I care about this very much and would like to know what your office knows about carbon pricing and what you are doing about it" ...

Thank you.

Learn More:

Carbon Pricing Bill by Senator Mike Barrett

617-722-1572 or hannah.walford@masenate.gov

World Bank Video about Carbon Pricing