About L.U.M.

Light Up The Map is a powerful way to work together across the state of Massachusetts to make our voices heard about important climate policies.

To add YOUR LIGHT to the Map, browse actions you can take, or click the featured action on the home page.  Optionally, create an account, to keep track of the lights you create and to receive updates from us about actions to take. 

The Pioneer Valley chapter of Mothers Out Front has been sorting through the complex details of climate change policy and helping people understand and act on their civic rights with simple cut and paste emails and directions to speak up and speak out AND SAVE THE WORLD WE LOVE FOR OUR CHILDREN AND YOURS!

It's all about Representation

An elected official's job is to represent the needs of his or her constituents on a whole variety of concerns. They may hear from private companies or paid lobbyists and develop knowledge on specific concerns but it is impossible for them to be expert on all the needs of their communities. So community organizers like Mothers Out Front (and hundreds of other groups in Massachusetts) step up to fill in knowledge gaps.